Mercedes cars on the Auto-Motor Market 3


The main display of vintage vehicles this year was all about Mercedes.

We presented the entire production program of the mid-upper class model W123, which was one of the most widespread in our country, and the famous „123” is the first Mercedes station wagon, while the parent company assigned it the label Touring . The model on display at our stand was the 240 TD, and we must note that there are frequent mistakes with this label because the less experienced think that it is a turbo diesel, which is not true. Namely, 240 TD means 2400 cc engine displacement, Touring body shape and diesel variant of that engine.

Visitors could see the W123 series from the four-door sedan, coupe, Touring to the extended six-door sedan that was supposed to show the luxury of the interior, colour TV, air conditioning, electrical aids and similar curiosities from the late ’70s.

All Mercedes S-classes were shown side by side, which seemed particularly interesting to the audience. They could see the first S-class W116, but also its predecessor W108, which at that time did not bear the designation “S”, but is certainly a member of that class. Furthermore, they could see the famous W126 and finally the W140 S600 with a V12 engine, which had just entered its fourth decade. The exhibition covered the period from 1965 until 1991.

On the other hand, visitors could enjoy coupés in two classes, from the W114 to the aforementioned 123, W124 from the same segment, to the famous 126 SEC, as well as W140 model S 500. The series was continued by limousines from the middle and upper class, from the “long tail” W110 to the W124, ending with the smallest Mercedes of that era – the W201 or better known as the 190 but in a sporty guise 190 2.3-16V as a sedan. There is also a Cabrio version of that car with the same 185 HP engine, of which only seven units were produced.

The center section was reserved for the convertibles whose rear emblems began with SL.


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