Peugeot with style


This year at the Auto-Motor Market 4, the podium with the upper middle-class limousines was graced with a beautiful „Frenchman” – Peugeot 504 GL.

Automatique for the American market, equipped with luxurious additional equipment. The Peugeot 504 was presented to the public in 1968, and in 1969 it was declared the Car of the year in Europe.

It can practically be said that it is a global Peugeot car considering that it was produced on three continents.

The European version was produced by the French Peugeot factory until 1983 , in South America (in Argentina) until 1999 and in Kenya and Nigeria until 2004 for the African market.

The bodywork was designed by Pininfarina so that the elegant bodywork gives an original silhouette with a characteristically low trunk. In addition to the sedan, it was also produced as a Break (station wagon) and cargo Pick-up. The coupe had a different body shape.

The model became famous for its mechanical durability and classic but comfortable suspension.

The engines that powered the 504 model were three gasoline and two diesel ones.

Until 1971, it was powered by a 1.8-liter gasoline engine with 82 HP or 96 HP in the version with fuel injection.

After that came the 2.0 92 HP litre engine which produced even 103 HP in a fuel injected version.

A diesel engine of 2.1 litre with 64 HP could be ordered since 1974. Over the years,

the car was improved and was offered with more modern equipment.

The model displayed at the Auto-Motor Market 4, in silver color, had a 2000 cm3 gasoline engine under the hood with two carburetors and reduced power of only 88 HP due to the then strict regulations on exhaust emissions. The first thing that catches the eye are the twin headlights, plenty of chrome details, light alloy wheels, sunroof and luxurious leather interior that could not be found on the European models of the same era. Perhaps the most interesting detail is the vinyl headliner, a common occurrence on American cars of that era. In Europe, it was widely used for more luxurious Opel and Ford models. Its design is destinctive, rare, and therefore interesting, namely, only the rear part of the roof is covered with vinyl, right from the B-pillar all the way to the luggage compartment lid.

The Peugeot 504 was succeeded by the Peugeot 505.


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