Obstacle course competition and exhibition of trucks and equipment

The first Novi Sad TRUCK SHOW was held in 2021 at the Novi Sad Fair within the Auto-Motor Market. The visitors present were thrilled with what was on display and we can already promise that the next one , scheduled for September, at the same place, will be even better. The companies “Rapidex Trade” and “Bugarinović Transport”, two large and respectable companies, which guarantee the quality of the event that Novi Sad and the wider region deserve and have not had until now, participate in the organization. We can say with certainty that it will be a domestic, as well as a world truck spectacle , the likes of which the local audience has never seen before.

The first TRUCK SHOW, which we organized last year, attracted a lot of attention from its visitors. However, that was just a preview of what we are preparing now on a much bigger scale. On the 4,300 square meters of outdoor space of the Novi Sad Fair, we will have a large exhibition of trucks, over 50 of them. We have visited the largest events of this type in the world multiple times, and the upcoming event at the Novi Sad Fair will be on a par with them.

TRUCK SHOW visitors will choose the best-looking truck and a rich accompanying program has been prepared for the extraordinary enjoyment of the visitors. Towing services demonstrating vehicle recovery will be competing at the event. In addition, truckers will show their skills on the training ground by passing through cones and drift driving will draw a lot of attention. In this way, we want to promote truck transport but also to bring the driver’s profession closer to the attendees – their education, obtaining a license and employment. A driving simulator will also be set up, and we will have instructors with a large truck on the training ground. Several driving schools that train drivers for the CE category, as well as several high-schools will participate in the event. The presence of guests from the region is also expected.

The company “Smart automotive solutions” will also have a display and as distributors of digital tachograph devices “Stoneridge” in Serbia, they will present them at the event. The mentioned company also has its own vehicle tracking software, which dozens of interested workshops will get to know at the fair.



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